Global Premedia Network

New strategic partnerships with European premedia companies from Germany and Croatia

The Global Premedia Network (GPN) is pleased to announce new strategic partnerships with two European premedia companies from Germany and Croatia. Polyflex was an early member of GPN.

The GPN and its international partners offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class premedia solutions, customized for global FMCG organizations that are looking to decrease their packaging development cycle, reduce overall cost, and secure their brand consistency. Since its inception, the GPN had rapidly expanded onto six continents and currently includes thirty-three highly advanced premedia manufacturing facilities. “Our goal is to drive growth, accelerate innovation and provide the speed to market demanded by brand owners worldwide,” noted Kai Lankinen, of MARVACO, a Scandinavian member company.

Together, the GPN’s members plan to deliver an unprecedented level of end-to-end premedia services by combining individual capabilities, leveraging their complementary knowledge, and taking advantage of their strategically located service facilities. “With the current global health crisis reminding us of how highly interdependent the world is, we continue to expand the GPN’s network in order to better respond to the current and future needs of FMCGs procuring packaging globally,” noted Laura Wright, the CEO of CSW, the USA “Various manufacturing, shipping and travel restrictions related to the pandemic have brought the need for global collaboration to the forefront,” Kai Lankinen added.

“Our initial goal was to find strategic partners on six continents. After achieving this, we are now focused on fine-tuning our strategy for future growth, developing technical, marketing and sales objectives, as well as continuing to identify potential new candidates who would be able to further expand our geographical service coverage. GPN customers are looking for global coordination with strong local responsiveness…” stated Marek Skrzynski, CSW’s Technical Director and network coordinator “…and we are planning to exceed their expectations.”