What is Reprographics?

What is Reprographics?

Flexographic printing has become the standard choice for packaging printing for the fast-moving consumer goods (fmcg) or consumer packaged goods (cpg) industry. Its popularity stems primarily from its ability to print high impact images onto non-porous substrates, such as all forms of plastics, laminated and multiwall papers and corrugated board. The transfer of an image

ITR Seamless Plates

Polyflex highlights the benefits of ITR seamless plates, and the challenge to gravure printed packaging

ITR (In The Round) or seamless photopolymer plates have been used for some time by printers in order to meet the exacting needs of their clients or to achieve the high-speed capacity of their printing presses. Emanuel Narainsamy, Polyflex’s Plate Production Manager, reports an increase in demand for ITR plates and he ascribes this to

Connected or Smart Packaging

5 things you should know about Connected Packaging

1. Connected Packaging (often called Smart Packaging) links the physical world with the digital world: Smart packaging forms a perfect “digital bridge function” between manufacturers, retailers, consumers and social media channels. Today, packaging which is used to protect and label goods, will increasingly receive new functions in the future thanks to digital technologies. Packaging is

Artwork Management Platforms versus Generic MIS

What is the difference between an Artwork Management Platform and a generic management information system (MIS)?

When purchasing a packaging management information system, business managers at all levels in the Brand Management and packaging supply chain often find themselves torn between the necessity for a specialised preproduction solution and their desire to save money. Why do brand managers, marketing managers or package converters need two different software solutions? Is it possible

Panatone Swatches

Polyflex promotes ECG with next generation Crystal workflow and plates

Flexo has historically been regarded as a comparatively simple print process, not capable of producing the same quality as offset or gravure. However, thanks to technological advances in colour matching, automation, and platemaking over the last decade, the quality and capabilities of flexo has dramatically improved, writes PIOTR WNUK of Labels and Labelling magazine. The

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Polyflex Innovates By Pushing Flexographic Print Quality To New Standards.

Crystal 5080 XPS: Polyflex continues to innovate by pushing flexographic print quality to new standards. Polyflex has long recognised Esko’s commitment to redefine flexo plate to achieve the highest quality level possible. Press results have shown Polyflex that their new Esko CDI Crystal 5080 produces the perfect plate for all the flexo print applications that

Ink rollers

Polyflex keeps a close watch on developments with Anilox

Polyflex is a company that keeps a close watch on developments with anilox as well as the consumer packaging market as a whole. Production Manager, Stuart Baylis says “A Brand Manager judges a brand’s success largely based on sales achieved, and not only the visual appeal of the packaging. Equally a printer or convertor judges

Global Premedia Network

New strategic partnerships with European premedia companies from Germany and Croatia

The Global Premedia Network (GPN) is pleased to announce new strategic partnerships with two European premedia companies from Germany and Croatia. Polyflex was an early member of GPN. The GPN and its international partners offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class premedia solutions, customized for global FMCG organizations that are looking to decrease their packaging development

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Renewed attention for corrugated, multiwall and single wall packaging.

An area of platemaking that is gaining renewed attention is plate processing for corrugated, multiwall and single wall packaging. Martin Stewart, MD of Polygraphics (a member of the Polyflex Group) explains “With the focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging, brand owners are exploring board based packaging” This is increasing demands for these outer cartons