Packaging Innovation

The Polyflex Group has an extensive African footprint, as well as international reach through its membership of the Global Premedia Network. Our experienced team draws on the latest local and global trends to develop packaging innovation and opportunities that help to keep our client’s products at the leading edge of their markets.

3D, Prototypes & Mock Up


  • See a once-off cost effective sample of your product.
  • Find any existing design flaw.
  • Make quick and appropriate adjustments.
  • See that the design process is aligned with the print process.
  • Save on your initial investment before the actual product goes into production.
  • Saves your company from costly retooling, reworking or even a product recall.
  • Pack the product into the mockup.


Polyflex has the experts and the tools to communicate your brand’s message clearly and consistently across THE PACKAGING PLATFORM.. Our powerful designs clearly articulate your brand’s promise and evoke a desired response.

Expanded Colour Gamut

Demand for shorter packaging production runs for targeted campaigns and product variations with greater vibrancy are increasing. The printer needs to meet these challenges in a time and cost-effective way. Polyflex has a solution called ECG – Extended Colour Gamut printing, by converting spot colours to a fixed ink set, you can reduce downtime between jobs and increase productivity. Compared with conventional spot colour printing, extended gamut printing (7 fixed colours) is a path to high quality printing with a significant reduction of production costs.


  • Reduced press downtime.
  • Reduced wash-ups on the press.
  • Higher productivity in the press room.
  • Reduced ink stock.

Asset Management

We have a Packaging Brand Asset Management solution.

Polyflex has the ideal packaging brand management platform to streamline and control the complexities of packaging brand execution. A flexible centralised, secure, web-based digital warehouse for all of a brand’s packaging assets, including: technical key lines, artwork, graphics, logos, images and other packaging elements and metadata.


  • Asset reusability thanks to centralised storage.
  • Accountability with version control and history tracking.
  • Faster document retrieval and data sharing.

We have a Packaging Approval Management solution for you.

Polyflex has the ideal integrated process management platform for design, prepress and print service providers to manage their complex process. It is a platform to review and approve graphical and structural content anywhere, anytime.


  • 60% reduction in hard copy proofing and shipping cost.
  • 25% savings on operator time because of quality feedback and less interventions.
  • Approval turnaround time reduced.
  • Improved communication between customers, sales, operators and production.
  • Saves cost and time by automating request, approval and reporting.
  • Improves quality via effective customer verification and review tools.

HD Flexo Plate Technology

Polyflex is a certified Crystal XPS and HD Flexo plate supplier and is the next step in high quality flexo printing. These processes are the leading technology for making digital flexographic (flexo) plates. The improved plates are higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates, and results show how the gap between flexo and gravure and offset is closed. Bringing consistency, vibrant colours and increased print quality, Polyflex raises the industry standard in flexo printing and packaging innovation.  Speak to your Polyflex representative as to the need on your press.